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We work hand in hand with wonderful people and communities, who are committed with the social transformation of their territories, in order to provide them with tools that allow them to continue building peace and restoring hope.

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Territories of peace

Explore this map and learn more about the leaders and communities that we work with to build sustainable and inclusive peace in the territories.


Under this category you will find the social leaders that we work with, who are commited to peace-building and leading initiatives that promote social development in their communities. You will be able to see the participants of our programs AlaPAZ and Bridges for reconciliation, and our campaigns #ConnectingWith ThoseWhoBuildPeace and #PeaceGoesOnFromHome.


Under this category you will find start-ups that have based their business models on peace-building and are adding value to their products. You will be able to see the start-ups that have benefited from the strengthening of technical capacities through the program Bridges for Reconciliation.


Under this category you will find the initiatives that contribute to peace-building from different perspectives such as art and culture, citizen participation or environmental protection, and that have consolidated social and organizational processes that benefit their communities. You will be able to learn about the initiatives that have been strengthened through the programs Peace Lessons and Bridges for Reconciliation.

Our projects


Leadership for Peace Academy

Leadership for Peace Academy

This program offers an innovative leadership course intended to strengthen the socio-emotional skills of the leaders from the regions most affected by conflict. This project stems from the belief that strengthening the social and emotional skills of these leaders will help them be a more positive and effective agent of change with the necessary skills to build peace in Colombia.

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Bridges for

Bridges for reconciliation

This program seeks to strengthen initiatives and leaders who work for peace-building in the country, in order to promote their projects to generate a greater impact on the territories and communities with which they work, thus forming an ecosystem of resources
for peace.

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Peace lessons

This program aims to identify peace-building lessons based on the experience of initiatives within the territories, so that they can be known and replicated in other regions of the country and around the world. These lessons are the basis for generating scenarios for the exchange of knowledge and methodologies.

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The open library of the peace process


The Open Library of the Colombian Peace Process seeks to be the most comprehensive knowledge hub of the peace process, aimed at sharing Colombia’s experience of ending the war with the oldest and most powerful guerrilla in the continent.

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