Compaz Foundation

40 nuevos líderes en AlaPAZ 2020-I

january 23, 2020

Compaz Foundation and the School of Government of the Universidad de los Andes are conducting the second version of the Leadership for Peace Academy, AlaPAZ; a continuing education course where participants learn to use personal and emotional resources that allow them to build a sustainable peace over time. Compaz Foundation seeks to recognize and empower those people who work every day to solve conflicts and who contribute to improve the life quality in their communities.

For this new version of the Academy we have the support of the Open Society Foundation; who allowed us to bring 40 leaders from Guaviare, Putumayo, Chocó, Caquetá and Nariño, departments of Colombia that report high rates of deforestation and environmental impact due to the conflict. Some of the selected leaders are people who through their initiatives are working for the environmental conservation of their territory and their projects demonstrate this.

Sadly, Colombia is among the three most dangerous countries for the lives of environmental defenders*, which is why Compaz Fundación wants to bet on strengthening and making visible these environmental leaders. We want to give them tools that will allow them to continue advancing in their activities in a safe manner and thus contribute to the environment reconciliation from the territories.