Compaz Foundation

National Association
of Peasants

With more than 50 years of history, the National Association of Peasants (ANUC) has worked to organize, train and represent the Colombian rural areas, with the aim of dignifying and defending the rights of this important sector in the economy, development and peace-building in Colombia. 

The creation of opportunities that generate profitability and well-being not only benefit those who live in rural areas, but also those who consume fresh products from these lands. For this reason, today the ANUC is working on a national initiative that allows the peasants to deliver food from farm to table and achieve the dream of rural prosperity.

The challenge is major, it includes coordinating harvest times to guarantee availability of all products throughout the year, carrying out clean production, having transportation, collection centers, well-known and well-positioned peasant markets among citizens and strategic partners in those regions. 

To support the Colombian rural areas is to believe in the possibility of building a different country, one that supports the work of our peasants.