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We believe that the talents and knowledge of peace builders in the territories should be recognized and shared. For that reason, we created the campaign: #PeaceGoesOnFromHome. 

#PeaceGoesOnFromHome is a series of home videos that include dance tutorials, DIY crafts and recipes, among others.

This is an opportunity to appreciate the beauty in simple things and learn new skills.

Learn from afro and indigenous communities about the benefits of the turmeric they grow in Bojayá, Chocó.

Learn how to prepare the best americano made with special Colombian coffee from substitution crops. 

Have fun playing tennis at home with Match Tenis, an organization that works with vulnerable children in low income areas. 

Learn how to cook coffee flavored rice from an organization of women victims of conflict. 

Learn how to prepare guava jam  from an organization of single mothers and young people. 

Learn how to make a stuffed animal with single socks from an organization that helps children with special needs. 

Learn how to compost organic waste at home with Rosita, a victim of the armed conflict. 

Learn how to reuse old clothes with Juana,
a victim of the armed conflict. 

Learn how to create an elevator pitch with Maria Paula from a youth organization that promotes the SDGs. 

Learn how to dance with Pacific Dance, an organization that prevents the recruitment of children. 

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