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The Open Library of the Peace Process- Bapp

The Open Library of the Colombian Peace Process seeks to be the most comprehensive knowledge hub of the peace process, aimed at sharing Colombia’s experience of ending the war with the oldest and most powerful guerrilla in the continent.

It is a digital platform that contains historic archives, pictures, videos, audios, infographics and many other contents related to the peace process, that was created with the purpose of contributing to the understanding of the negotiation process between the Colombian government and the FARC-EP, not only within Colombia but around the world.



Become the main repository of information of the Colombian peace process, with public documentation, unpublished documents and new content.


Democratize information through its systematization, availability and dissemination using innovative interactive tools. 


Further explain and reflect on the peace process, its milestones, methodologies and lessons through pedagogical tools aimed at specialized and non-specialized audiences. 


Share Colombia’s peace experience with national and international audiences through a wide network of partners.

The english version
of the plataform will be available soon