Compaz Foundation

The Foundation


We contribute to the construction of a stable and lasting peace, through the strengthening of leaders in the territories most affected by conflict, giving them the appropriate tools and skills to rebuild the social fabric. We promote the consolidation of peace both at the national and international levels, supporting sustainable and inclusive development.


Generation and
development of
peace-building skills

We believe that people have the ability to transform their communities, for that reason we support them through the strengthening of peace-building skills.

Creation of conditions for inclusive and sustainable development

Peace also means providing opportunities for social, productive and sustainable inclusion in order to achieve the development and well-being of the communities.

Management and
exchange of knowledge for peace-building

We want to contribute to the resolution of conflicts around the world by sharing Colombia’s peace-building lessons, so others can learn from our experience.

Our Values


Diversity makes us stronger, that is why we take all points of view into account. 


The current problems that the world is facing demand outside the box solutions.


We promote a positive view of life to help us maintain hope. 


Building peace means to put ourselves in someone else’s position and to understand their perspectives.


We support peace-building and conflict prevention in Colombia and around the world.