AlaPaz Graduation Speech

Graduation Speech AlaPAZ 2019-I PEACE may 30, 2019 By: Maria Alejandra Ramírez – Participant AlaPAZ 2019-I May 24 th – 2018 Today is a very special day for all of us, the 42 graduates and their families and friends, Dr. Juan Manuel Santos, Dr. María Margarita Zuleta and Dr. Diana Betancourt, the ambassadors, the media, […]

40 new leaders in AlaPAZ 2020-I

40 nuevos líderes en AlaPAZ 2020-I PEACE january 23, 2020 Compaz Foundation and the School of Government of the Universidad de los Andes are conducting the second version of the Leadership for Peace Academy, AlaPAZ; a continuing education course where participants learn to use personal and emotional resources that allow them to build a sustainable […]